Land Registry Compliant Lease Plans

We specialize in surveying properties to prepare lease plans. This involves visiting a property to gather accurate measurements and information about its layout before preparing a Land Registry compliant Lease Plan. Our work typical involves:


  1. 1. On-site Surveying: We visit the property to conduct a thorough survey using advanced equipment to accurately measure the dimensions of the property, including each room, hall, and any outdoor areas.

  2. 2. Detailing Key Features: The survey includes noting essential features such as windows, doors, fixed installations, and utilities. This detail is crucial for creating a comprehensive lease plan that shows the property's full potential and limitations.

  3. 3. Creating the Lease Plan: Using the data collected from the survey we prepare a  detailed lease plan that typically includes a scale drawing of the property, location plan, north point and scale bar.

  4. 4. Compliance and Standards: Our lease plans are prepared in compliance with the Land Registry requirements. This ensures that the plans can be used effectively in leasing agreements, property sales, or other legal contexts.

  5. 5. Digital Documentation: The final lease plan is digitized, allowing for easy sharing and modifications if needed. The use of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software ensures that these plans are accurate and professional.



Our Lease Plan services provide landlords and tenants with accurate, detailed, and legally compliant documentation of their leased properties.




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